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Osteoarticular Pain

Chronic Constipation


Muscle pain


1,Intelligently change the input voltage and output waveform, or intelligent change the multi-wave forms.

2,A multifunctional machine that can simulate and rebuild the natural electric field.

3,green treatment and no side effect.

4,touch panel is humanized design



High Potential Therapy Mode Function:

30 minutes has similar result like relax massage for 2 hours”

High potential function helps for stimulating blood circulation, regulating blood pressure and improving immune system. When micro electric intervenes human nervous system, endocrine system will automatically be regulated. Applying High potential function for 30 minutes has similar result like relax massage for 2 hours.


Negative Potential Therapy Mode Function:

“30 minutes has similar result like relaxing in forest for 3 hours”

Negative potential function helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, activate human body’s enzyme function, improve acidic body condition (from acidic body condition to low alkaline body condition, pH = 7.36 – 7.44) and remove free radicals in body. Applying Negative potential function for 30 minutes has similar result like relaxing in forest for 3 hours.


Micro Potential Sleep Mode Function:

“Apply 60 minutes for Ultra Micro Potential Sleep Mode function has similar result as deep sleep for 2 hours”

Ultra Micro Potential Sleep Mode function can continuous use for 6 hours, can make your body fully rest. Apply it for long term, can helps to reduce blood stickiness, accelerate blood sugar decomposition, and regulate function of system endocrine, at the same time, it can improve your sleeping quality, balance your hormone, increase cell metabolism, make your stamina double.


Optical Therapy (also called light wave therapy):
Applying an energy field of 72KHz to the human body in an insulated state, daytime use mainly for bosy shaping, weight loss, 30 minutes treatment is equivalent to doing aerobic exercise for 3 hours in the park.



And also helps people who have health problems, e.g:

Diabetic, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, migraine, osteoporosis, muscles stiff and joint pain, kidney disease, cataract, asthma, cholesterol, rheumatic, irregular menstrual, skin sensitive, and others.


Suitable for people who want to live healthy:

* Whole family who want to live healthy and better, stay away from diseases.

* Children and school age student need to have high concentration in study and reduce fatigue.

* Elderly who want to live longer life, active and repair weak cell and stay away from disease.

* People who stay in city, full of air pollution, lacking fresh air, and stressful environment and work.

* People who work in office air-conditioned room, lacking fresh air and lack of movement.

* People who lack of time to exercise regularly and routinely.

* People who seldom go to mountain area.




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