Millimeter wave electromagnetic treatment instrument


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Indicationsit could cure the diabetes II caused complication diseases , and reduce the blood sugar.

What is Millimeter Wave Therapy?
Milimeter Wave Therapy is a treatment that utilizes low power, high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the milimeter-wavefreguency range (1-10mm or 30GHz-300GHz) to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. These waves penetrate thebody’s meridian and neural pathwavs, as well as body fuids, to reaulate the immune system and promote healindMilimeter Wave Therapy has been shown to be effective in treating various conditions such as diabetes type 2, diabeticcomplications, cancer, tumor growth, and pain relief.




1). Compared with traditional drug therapy, it’s no-side effect, no drug dependence, no pain, pure physiotherapy.

2). It’s effective in curing diabetes complication diseases
3). Safe & accumulative treatment effect.

4). Easy & convenient in operation, no need professional knowledge or go to hospital.

5). Great market prospect with market profit.

So far we’ve got many encouraging feedback from customers treated by this instrument. It’s very effective in curing diabetes complication diseases


Millimeter Wave Therapy Machine Treat Diabetes Type 2 Protocol
Use the Milimeter-wave Therapy Machine (MMW-01) to iradiate the Pancreas + Di li acypuncture point +Three Yin channels of foot+Shen Shu, please refer to the picture below.

Clinic test approved:

After about 20 days treatment glucose will decrease 2 levels,

Range from 7 to 15 days the diabetic foot (swollen, wound) can be cured

Range from 3-5 days, the diabetic caused urine frequency at night could see the efficiency.


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