Veterinary handheld Laser Therapy pain relief device


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Semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus is belongs to laser product of 3R, please read the instruction carefully before using, knowing functions and contraindication of our product, ensuring the safe and effective use.

  1. Laser is high brightness, please do not direct vision or observe via optical instrument of the laser beam.
  2. Do not point laser beam to other people when using, forbidden to straight irradiate eyes.
  3. Light-sensitive and weakness people should be use in low power and short time using, less than 15min each time, twice a day.
  4. The following conditions is strictly prohibited: pregnant, cancer and hemorrhagic diseases.



Soft tissue injuring

Back pain:lower back,upper back,neck,and muscle pain


Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic tendon inflammation

Heel spurs and sprains

Tennis elbow


Prostate problem


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